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North Macomb Canine Rehabilitation

North Macomb Canine Rehabilitation

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Any animal presented for surgery that has not been examined by us within a year will be examined upon admittance or after admittance. The client will be charged for a well pet or physical exam. A report card will be given to the client upon release, or the client will speak with the Doctor.
All pets must be current on:
Canine: Rabies, Heartworm Test, Fecal Test and, at a minimum, a full compliment of distemper/parvo vaccines as a puppy.

Feline: Rabies, Fecal Test and, at a minimum, a full compliment of RCP vaccines as a kitten.

Animals six years old or older are required to have pre-operative blood performed.

Spays and neuters:            
General recommendations are four months of age for dogs and three months for cats. Can be done as early as 10 weeks at owner’s request or Doctors’ discretion.

Spay or neuter with declaw ideally performed between three and four months of age.
Pet must be eight weeks of age or older and weigh 3 lbs. They are required to be hospitalized for one night.

No food after 7:00 p.m. the night before surgery. Water can be offered until the morning of surgery.

Ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs should be fed all night, but remove the food first thing in the morning. Bring food along with pet for post-op feeding.
Fecal testing:
Recommended yearly.
Sample should be fresh from that day.
Required for all spays/neuters/declaws.
Panacur and Strongid wormings should be repeated in three weeks.